Convergence of Analysis and Data

Moon in the Water

Moon-in-the-water happens when the moon shines in the water.
When there is no moon, there is no moon-in-the-water.
When there is no water, there is no moon-in-the-water.
Zen Metaphor

The Convergence

Analysis and Data are not two things, they are one thing. Big Data is about both together!

Not so long ago, we used to have programmers who programmed, and DBAs who managed the data. We forgot that both enterprises were about providing analysis to the users

BigData Solutions

Big Data Solutions include traditional (relational) databases. They also include the more recent open source NoSQL databases. They include the traditional programming methods, but they also include functional programming methods exemplified by Hadoop or Map/Reduce.

The focus is on getting analysis results quickly, and being able to do so even when the problem statement changes on a daily basis.

Traditional (pre-Google) programming fits the above definition. But we think it would be misleading to call it Big Data if all you are doing is traditional programming.

What do you think?


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