About Us

Early Stage IT was founded in 2009 in response to the then-new economics of cloud computing. See the website for more. In 2011, we introduced DataThinks as a new service.

We have worked on three different data-centric applications: two using Google App Engine's DataStore and Map/Reduce, and one using MongoDB, streaming and Map/Reduce. Some of our previous presentations:

  1. Social Network Mining using GAE Map Reduce, October, 2011
  2. High Throughput Data Analysis, August, 2011
  3. NoSQL and Map Reduce, April, 2011


Dr. J Singh. J has been the CTO of various startups and early stage companies in the Boston area, architecting cloud-based platforms and helping bring them to market. He has been an invited speaker at many technology seminars and venture forums, genrally speaking on cloud computing and Big Data.
Previously, J provided technology leadership for a number of start up companies within the Fidelity umbrella. More recently, he taught the graduate class on databases at WPI, covering NoSQL as well as relational databases, and Hadoop/Map-Reduce.

Bernard Gilbert. Bernard is an accomplished executive who brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of Business Operations, Software Development, Data Storage, Engineering Services working with start-ups, early-stage companies as well as small and medium sizes companies.
Previously, Bernard has been CEO of IBRIX, Inc. a leading provider of scalable data storage solutions, CEO of ZAiQ Technologies a national Engineering Services company recognized as the leader in Retargetable Verification and held senior management positions in the Network Storage division of Sun Microsystems, Inc.