App Kinetics

The usage data for a running application contains a wealth of information about the application and its users. It depends on the application and the exact usage but…

  • If a user is simultaneously logged in from two different machines, perhaps it's two different users "sharing" an account registration? Perhaps your business is losing revenue because of the sharing?
  • If a trial user's sophistication level with the application is steadily increasing, perhaps it's a good indication that they are ripe for converting to a regular user?
  • If a user suddenly starts downloading a lot of their own data, perhaps they are thinking about leaving?
  • If a significant group of users follow a similar use of your application features, … but a few users don't …, perhaps one of those users could benefit from extra training?

Could your business benefit from these insights and intervene at critical points to reduce churn, identify service and up-sell opportunities?

App Kinetics can collect usage data for a number of popular web frameworks for analysis and presentation.

  • Works by placing data collector probes into your code. A probe is a small fragment of code — similar to Google Analytics fragments — that transmits SSL-encrypted data to our servers.
  • A number of analysis and visualization reports are available, for example, how many users are logged in, which users have the most activity, which functions are being used the most. Contact us for a demo.
  • Research functions are available for your sales/service organization to learn more about specific users, additional data about them and their activities.
  • Proactive action reports — reports indicating users whose pattern of usage has drastically changed in the past week — perhaps they need special attention from your team?