Population Kinetics

The data in various social media (Twitter, Facebook, …) plus your CRM contains a wealth of information about your business, its customers as well as prospects. They contain hints of how to appeal to them. Pop Kinetics is based on Cialdini Influence Criteria.

  • If a majority of your users like jazz, perhaps your outreach to them could be jazz-themed?
  • Network your way from happy customers to their friends who don't know you as well and may not have experienced your service. If some of your prospects and some of your customers are "friends", perhaps inviting them to an event would create the opportunity to hear about your services from their friends rather than a sales person they don't really know.

Could your business benefit from these insights and intervene at critical points to expand your reach? And know how to reach them?

Pop Kinetics can collect data from a number of popular social media sites as well as your CRM system.

  • Works by collecting data about users as they "like" your website or application.
  • Constructs a comprehensive model of each user, for example what they like, who their friends are, what they think of your products and services, how long they have been active with you …
  • Recommends the best way to reach particular sets of customers.

The Pop Kinetics application is a work in progress. Contact us for a demonstration.